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Ignite Venture Partners management team and advisor network have contributed to the building and scaling of a wide variety of businesses, raised billions of dollars in funding, and provided consulting to some of the most recognizable brands in the world and invested in some of the most innovative start-ups.


We work with companies who are driven by large-scale visions. But we know that success demands more than just a big vision. It is achieved through innovative strategies and intelligent execution. 

We know that every client requires a unique approach. We use our proven business expertise to gain a thorough understanding of the objectives, strengths and challenges to then be the architects of sustainable solutions to meet the client’s needs.



When market conditions are relatively stable with low economic turbulence, when companies have minimal competition or other temporary advantages, they can thrive. In reality, these conditions rarely exist. Most business leaders have come to understand that a well-crafted strategy is crucial to their company’s success and competitive advantage – is what will take their business to the next level. We offer strategy services in the following areas:

  • Capital Strategy 
  • Corporate Strategy 
  • Business Planning 
  • Ideation/Innovation


Ignite Venture Partners provides qualitative and quantitative market research services. We are experienced in producing interpretive, value-added analysis, and actionable reporting that offers organizations clear recommendations to guide their implementation. We offer research services in the following areas:

  • New Business Feasibility
  • New Channel Feasibility
  • New Product Feasibility


At Ignite Venture Partners we work with businesses to define, position and develop their brands. We develop strategies that ensure distinct differentiation and memorable brand experiences. We offer creative services in the following areas:

  • Brand Strategy and Development 
  • Digital Strategy
  • Identity Development

Corporate Development

Mindful planning and focused execution are key to meeting targeted objectives. Corporate development may include initiatives such as a strategy for phasing in or out of a market, identifying key acquisitions, increasing intellectual property assets, performing competitive and market analysis, etc. We assist companies in defining corporate development objectives and in implementing strategies to achieve them. We offer corporate development services in the following areas:

  • New Product Development  
  • New Channel Strategy 
  • Marketing Plan Development 
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Analysis

Human Capital

Great businesses are run by great people, who create great cultures. Today, executives worldwide appreciate the importance of establishing a talent base that is aligned with their business strategy. We understand the human component of organizational performance and offer tailored human capital solutions to overcome business challenges and interpersonal dynamics. We offer human capital services in the following areas:

  • Team Building and Recruiting
  • Partnership and Business Development Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Board of Directors and Board of Advisors Development

International Development

Ambassadors2Business (A2B) is a unique service that has been developed under the guidance of Ignite Venture Partners. A2B focuses on companies seeking international development. Imagine, no matter which country you want to do business in, your interest could be communicated straight to the top; your first meeting with an Ambassador from that country. Through our expansive network of Ambassadors, we make this possible. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company interested in international growth, or an early stage company looking to bring its product to an international market, A2B makes this possible. Regardless of your company’s size, stage, or sector, we expedite the process of international expansion.


Leveraging our extensive experience and proven process, we provide tailored solutions for a broad range of companies, such as: 


We invest in innovative, consumer ventures, that make a positive social impact. We take a longer-term view with our investments. We invest in relationships, not transactions. Our investments are focused on where we have direct experience and can add the greatest value.

We back established entrepreneurs, with a proven track record, with innovative ideas, that meet a clearly defined need in the market. 

Most of all we look for a compatible culture, which employs creative, entrepreneurial strategies to accomplish its goals. 



  • Early stage seeking 100k-1million
  • Create social and financial returns
  • Teams with proven track records
  • Promotes an entrepreneurial culture
  • Ability to scale rapidly


  • Consumer Internet
  • Consumer Products
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Mobile
  • Medical/Healthcare


  • US
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Middle East


Our existing portfolio and investment strategy focus primarily on consumer ventures. Our exits have ranged from IPOs, to acquisitions, to private sales.


Our expertise is grounded in reality; our team has explored all avenues to business success, developing a wealth of knowledge and proven tactics; from bootstrapping start-ups to billion-dollar companies.

Managing Partner

Landon Pollack has been many things: athlete; entrepreneur; herpetologist; inventor; social activist and investor. By crossing many traditional frontiers during his 30-year career, Pollack has developed a one-of-a-kind, 360-degree view of business.


Cary Pollack has taken companies public and has successfully started and exited five companies. He helped create diplomatic relations between Israel and Croatia. Pollack spent 25 years on Wall Street, where he was an executive at Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Lehman Brothers.

VP of Operations

Mike Harden is a seasoned international executive and business leader with extensive experience in building and running successful businesses. His previous experience includes founding and running Century Technology Services, Inc. and Cytivity Corporation, an Internet security company.

VP of Business Development

Shane Pollack is a rare hybrid of left-brain prowess and right-brain ideas. He started his career by following in his brother’s footsteps and launching companies from an early age. Pollack’s first business was a cookie and lemonade stand with his brother.


Ignite Venture Partners is supported by well-known and respected individuals in various industries and functions. 


Ashley Arhart
David Bates
Walter Herbst
Dr. Tin-Man Lau
Jeneanne Rae


Richard Bardenstein
Francois de Billy
Paul Cohen
Kevin Hein
Adam Philipp


Dr. Arnold F. Kanarick
William Simon


Karen Barsa
Andrew R. Finkelstein
William Lechtner
Martin McClanan
Alan McCollough
Shelley Nandkeolyar
John Tate
Mike Tattersfield
Rick Upton
Andrea M. Weiss


David Allen
Ray Everett
Dr. David Farber
Thede Loder
Betty Ray
Chris Shipley
Dr. Dan Siewiorek
Dr. Dalibor Vrsalovic
Dr. Barry Wellman


Heidi Diamond
Larry Gerbrandt
Dominic Johnson
Peter Keramidas
Scott Mataya
T. A. McCann
Brigitte McCray
Anne Raimondi
John Spottiswood
John Zdanowski


Dr. Tina Alster
Dr. Holly Atkinson
Dr. Joycelyn Elders
Dr. Tom Eng
Dr. Frank Greenway
Dr. William Haskell
Dr. John M. Jakicic
Meg Jordan
Dr. Richard Lam
Dr. Pepper Schwartz


Bob Bozeman

Gary Gladstein
John Mascarenas
Bill Paseman
Gilad Shavit
Dr. Andrea Tobias
Qui Vuong


Dick Ambrosius
Scott Barnum
 Judy Miszner
Gary Patterson
Ellen Pearlman
Robert Vetere


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